“To provide construction services in a professional manner to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.”



Julian P. Barry General Contractor, L.P. believes that we must bring value and trust to any relationship by providing quality, integrity, professionalism and performance. Most contractors keep any savings they may obtain through the “buy out” process. We share these savings we may obtain at the completion of the project. Over the years we have given back literally millions of dollars to our clients we could have put in our pocket. We believe we must earn the client’s trust and respect by our actions and not just words.

We owe our clients the greatest dollar value possible for the work we perform while delivering superior quality.

We understand that the services we provide can be duplicated; therefore we must constantly assess and monitor our performance to determine if we are satisfying and exceeding the client’s needs and expectations.

Our company must be fair and considerate of others in our dealings with those that work with us and for us, while always demanding and receiving quality workmanship and performance.

An excellent reputation is difficult to obtain and easy to lose.

Perform our services in such a manner that the owner desires to become a repeat client and will refer others to the company.



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